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PVC Vs Polyester Roll-Up Banner Material


Roll-up banners are a staple of trade shows, exhibitions, and retail displays. Being able to move an image from A to B without damaging it is something that should never be a headache for clients. For printers and end users, today’s roll-up banner materials are better than ever.

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REACH and Ultraflex Europe – What’s It All About?

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) has been around in some form or another since 1998. It entered into force in 2007, registration began in 2008 and the full timeline runs into the future. It is a piece of chemical legislation governing all products sold in the EU with an aim to keep nasty things out of everything from your slippers to your hair wax.

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Introducing Our New One-Way Vision Film: Ultravision


UltraVision is a versatile, multi-functional product, which acts as a one-way vision film that turns glass into a display area for graphics on the outside whilst allowing complete visibility through it from inside. The graphics can be purely decorative or used for branding and advertising. UltraVision also provides privacy and can form an effective sunshade which benefits those inside buildings and vehicles without blocking their view outside.

The effect is achieved by applying the vision film to the glass. The film has areas to print the graphics, as well as see-through areas covering up to 40% of the film.

This perforated vision film offers a cost effective solution for use on glass storefronts, bus windows, building windows, and more. Today, we have a new (but established) product which stands out from the crowd due to its reliability, durability, high availability, and an attractive price tag.

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Have You Experienced Problems Printing Mesh Banners With A Release Liner?

Ultraflex Strip Mesh – the liner that releases not before, or during, but after you print.


Strip mesh is a perforated PVC substrate, which is ideal for printing semipermeable banners for use in – for example – crowd control barriers. The mesh allows for light and air to flow freely through the banner, improving its wind resistance and allowing the banner design to be semi-translucent. Strip mesh is delivered in rolls with a protective backing liner that is released when the banner is printed. Rolls are sold in widths up to 3.2m.

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How To Install FabriTac Self Adhesive Graphics

Ultraflex FabriTac is a 350gsm, textured, fabric, self-adhesive wall covering. It can be easily fitted and removed from many surfaces and re-positioned while retaining its adhesion without leaving a residue.

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Know Your Lamination From Your Knife Coating For Fun & Profit

If you have been keeping up with our blog you will have read our previous article “why buying a heavy banner material might not get you as much as you expect” and will already have a deep appreciation for the importance of base cloth in banner material.

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Product Focus: 4 Outdoor PVC Advertising Banner Substrates You Should Consider

The big clue when choosing the best material types lies in the single word “outdoor”. The substrate must display characteristics that are suitable for both the environment and the duration. Regardless of whether you need an enormous building wrap for six months or signage for a week long music festival, you want to know that the banner you order will be fit for purpose.

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A Concise Guide To Relevant Fire Ratings In Digital Print Media

Whether or not a digital print media should be fire rated is an important consideration when choosing a material for a given job. You would be surprised by the number of times we have been asked about the fire-retardant properties of a product after the job has been printed, often at the point of install. Whilst a banner by the side of a road may pose no significant risk in the event of a fire, graphics being installed at an exhibition centre will almost certainly need to be fire rated.

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Why Buying A Heavy Banner Material Might Not Get You As Much As You Expect?

When you are looking for a banner material surely the weight of the material is a clear and easy guide to what is the best quality? 510 grams is more than 440 so it must be better. Unfortunately, the market is no longer that simple and weight can be a red herring when it comes to run ability, durability and machine and ink compatibility.

The coating of a banner material is there to give you an attractive look and feel, but it is also there to hide what is inside, or what isn’t. To understand what you are buying and if it will be suitable for the task at hand you have to understand what lies beneath the coating. Much like people, or a jam sandwich, the important stuff is on the inside.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Mesh Banner Material

For a printer, the perforated nature of mesh banner material opens up opportunities in the outdoor banner market. Typical applications are building wraps, stadium and fence dressing as well as replacing a frontlit banner where wind loading is a factor or where an alternative look is desired. Air Flow rates of 25 - 65% are typical of what is available.

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